Award winning articles from 2012

With the conclusion of the awards season from work done in 2012, I have now won a total of 35 professional writing awards. This year, I won five more awards between the Florida Press Association Better Weekly Newspaper 2012 Contest and the Community Papers of Florida 2013 contest. The results from this year’s contest and links to the winning articles and section are as follows:

Florida Press Association Better Weekly Newspaper 2012 Contest:

Community Papers of Florida 2013 Contest:


Award winning articles from 2010 and 2009

As of spring 2012, I have won 30 professional journalism awards. Here are some of my award winning articles for the past few award seasons, not including the current one:

2010 Florida Press Association’s Better Weekly Newspaper Contest

2011 Community Papers of Florida Contest
2009 Florida Press Association’s Better Weekly Newspaper Contest

Seven more journalism awards in 2012

It is my favorite time of year right now, as a journalist. Awards season. In the past week, we at Tampa Bay Newspapers learned how we did in the Florida Press Association’s 2011 Better Weekly Newspaper Contest. Our newspaper group is taking home 17 awards this year, and I personally have won five from the FPA contest this year; three individual awards and two as group packages. We will not know the specific placement of the awards until the ceremony in July, but we know which categories we have won, who won, and from which paper. The specific placements could be anywhere from first place to honorable mention.

The FPA awards for which I have won something this year are:

We also learned this week how we placed in the Community Papers of Florida Contest 2012. As a company we did very well, taking home numerous awards for ad design as well as writing. I personally placed for one of my columns and also collectively for our editorial department’s three-part series package on prescription drug abuse. My awards for this contest is as follows:

  • Personal column — Third place for End of a marriage, new beginnings.
  • News story — First place — group award, which includes numerous stories from our editorial staff over three weeks on prescription drug abuse. The story I contributed is Clearwater sends team to battle abuse.

I am so proud of all of our writers and graphic designers for all of our hard work and am so glad that we all were recognized for it. Well done, everyone.